Speculative Concept
The brief that led to this project asked for an innovative and out of the box solution to make teleportation profitable. Lose Your Sh*t is a tongue in cheek project showing how society might utilise the technology. The app allows users to take revenge or pull pranks by having a bird of their choice teleported to their victim to take a sh*t on their head.
Gif of the Lose Your Sh*t logo on purple background, with bird flying across and pooping on the * sign
Teleportation Portals

Portals are enabled on top of lamp posts across Europe to provide a discreet and bird-friendly service. Below you can see Pigeon Pat demonstrating how he gets about.
App Design

The 'hits' are arranged on a booking app, using the brand's playful tone of voice. Persona research highlighted two core audiences for the brand: 'The Pranksters', booking light-hearted jokes, and 'The Karma-Seekers', pursuing revenge. Jamal is an example of a Prankster, participating in a life-long series of practical jokes with his brother. The video below shows Jamal making his booking.
Bird Profiles

The app features a series of questions designed to match the user with the best bird for the task. The user can then select their bird of choice based on their profiles.
Floor Decals

A key part of the advertising campaign uses floor decals to attract peoples’ attention where you’d most commonly find bird poo - on the ground. It uses fun, humorous and bold slogans that encourage organic social media and word of mouth marketing. There could be large scale versions below European landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, and smaller versions across towns and cities.
Floor decal with slogan 'Shit happens, get even' installed at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower
The Sitting Target

The Sitting Target is a guerrilla installation forming part of the launch campaign. Installed in public areas with high footfall, when somebody dares to sit on the chair, one of the birds will be teleported to demonstrate the service. This could generate viral social content for the brand.
A black chair placed in a busy highstreet, surrounded by a large purple target painted on the floor
A closer visual of the black chair, it has 'Don't Sit Here' written on, and has bird poo on the floor around it

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