Band Branding & Artwork
DACARA are a Manchester-based rock band that needed a quirky image to match their eccentric songs, with their music taking influence from videogames, anime and popular culture. I have worked with the band to design all of their branding and visual content with a distinctive green colour palette, which we carried through when styling their photo and video shoots, and merchandise.
Vibrant green DACARA logo with vocalist Emma Shippen

Campaign one

Campaign two

Visual Styling
Promotional shoot with Alex Young Photography, live shots by Blackbox Photo Co, adapted to the new branding.

Four DACARA band members stood in a line with green lighting. Vocalist Emma Shippen at the front
Vocalist Emma Shippen knelt down, looking upwards.
Live photo of vocalist Emma Shippen, holding microphone with green lighting
Band sat in line with glitch effect
Band sat in line with glitch effect and CCTV overlay
Live photo of DACARA vocalist and guitarist with green stage lighting
Single Artwork
Single artwork for 'JUST MONIKA' with anime girl and glitch effect
Single artwork for 'MATCHES' showing green match with smoke
Single artwork for 'SELLOUT' with Windows error message reading 'Everybody's doing it now it's all fine - Sell Out'
Modeled by DACARA vocalist Emma Shippen, Amy Johnson (@amyblackstar) and Lewis Marriott (@lewismarriot5).
DACARA longsleeve shirt with bright green anime design
Photo of vocalist Emma Shippen wearing the DACARA longsleeve
Black beanie hat with embroidered green DACARA logo
Social Content
Vocalist Emma Shippen with text reading 'Chorus Covers' and band logos
Promo image for 'TRY-HARD' with anime vocalist on top and evil version reflected below
Flipped version of 'TRY-HARD' promo image, with evil anime vocalist on top and good version reflected below
Misc Illustrations
DACARA 'mascots' and Bathwater sticker design, based on their 'SELLOUT' music video.
Illustration of two cute but robot-like DACARA mascots
Illustration of DACARA 'Gamer Band Bath Water' green container

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