Freelance work
Alongside my artwork for DACARA I've built a reputation in the local music scene as an illustrator of single/EP artwork and merch designs. I frequently design within the music industry, as well as collaborating with alternative brands. These are the briefs that let me really indulge in my love of gothic artwork and illustration. Here's some of my favourite commissions (so far):
Blue and white tshirt design for Esprit D'air, featuring their character 'Athena'
Purple illustrated design on tote bag
Gothic illustration of roses
Graphic illustration showing a man holding hands with a young girl carrying a scythe
White tshirt design on black shirt featuring a phoenix rising upwards
EP artwork featuring cherry blossom tree, half bright and sunny, half dark and grungy
Single artwork for Reaper's cover of Frantic by Metallica
Death metal psyduck design
Black tarot card design on a white long sleeved shirt
Tshirt design for the band Nebulesse featuring a broken puppet looking up at a galaxy
Turquoise illustration of a dreamcatcher with feathers, beads and a key hanging below
Detailed greyscale illustration of a bird flying out of an open book, holding a key in its beak
Curiology and Mythokell collaboration, showing two Halloween-themed necklaces
Single artwork for the song Inferno by Nebulesse featuring a red 9-ringed gyroscope
Gig poster with a gothic gryphon illustration
Two figures wearing black Rocksoc hoodies, with printed white dotwork logos =
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