Photo of Myth in photo frame
Hi there! I'm Myth, a graphic designer and illustrator from Manchester- via Leeds and London along the way. I have a First Class degree in Graphic Design, experience working as an in-house designer at Maniere De Voir, Boohoo and The Walt Disney Company, and several years of freelance work and passion projects.
My love for design stemmed from a combination of art and music – I’ve always loved drawing and making (here’s an iconic piece by Myth, age 4 - clearly born to be spooky). I also developed a passion for rock and metal music as a little emo preteen (some things never change), but particularly grew to connect with bands that used world-building and concepts in their music and visuals. 
Childhood drawing of a spider in photo frame
Photo of Myth drumming in photo frame
After a short stint of thinking I was going to be the next Dave Grohl, I realised my true calling was more behind the scenes. Having been in young, broke bands, I'd tried my hand at a few of our logo designs, which got progressively less awful as I read up and learnt my way around Adobe. Inspired by the gothic artwork of the bands I loved, I then started to branch out into album covers and merchandise design.
Having really enjoyed this, and been commissioned by a few bands, I decided to take the leap of faith to ditch the business management courses the careers advisor 'recommended', and apply to study graphic design at uni. I got accepted into Leeds, realised how little I actually knew about graphic design, and worked my butt off to learn everything I could (and joined the committee for Leeds Rock Society, naturally).
Image of purple tshirt design in photo frame
Image of gothic shirt design in photo frame
Nowadays, my design influences and interests span much more than the alternative music scene, but I still have a soft spot for gothic illustration and unique design (take a look at my 'Side Hustle' page), and I reckon little emo Myth would be pretty pleased.