Illustration & Story-Telling
A graphic mini-novel inspired by the Tib Street Horn, previously a prominent sculpture in Manchester's Northern Quarter. The aim of the comic is to inspire an emotional attachment to the sculpture and encourage community engagement with its reinstallation, as well as celebrating Afflecks as its potential future home. The comic is aimed at visitors of the Northern Quarter and Afflecks Palace in particular, as well as the wider alternative community, with overarching themes of self-expression and celebrating individuality.
Cover of Where the Past Bumps into the Future alongside other illustrated books
Pages 5-6 of the novel showing the sculpture starting to celebrate its design
Page 13-14 of the novel, showing the sculpture being dismantled and put in storage
A close-up of page 4 of the novel, showing the sculpture alone in the car park
Pages 3-4 of the novel, showing the sculpture watching groups of friends and feeling alone

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