Fine Art
A selection of pieces from an art project exploring the topic of Nightmares, investigating how they can be depicted indirectly through lighting, mood and effects, as well as directly through imagery and metaphors. The project includes a range of different mediums such as photo manipulation, pencils, inks, bleach painting, acrylic, watercolour and oil paints, scraperboard, and linocut printmaking.
Oil painting of girl asleep, with demonic figures rising above her
Pencil drawing with bright screenprinted background, girl asleep with sheep skull and numbers above her
White illustration on black, couple asleep in bed with the shadow of a hand looming over them
Greyscale ink painting of couple asleep in bed, with horror-esque silhouette of a girl behind the wall
Dark photo with green hues of couple sleep in bed with the shadow of a hand reaching over them
Realistic pencil drawing of a girls face, asleep, breaking through the paper
Acrylic painting on fabric of girl asleep clutching duvet

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